The Elections Coordinating Committee-ECC is calling on the National Elections Commission launch an immediate investigation into allegation of pre-marked ballot papers in the December 26 Presidential Run-off Election.

The ECC pointed out that though it did not receive said report from its observers deployed across the country, it wants the NEC make public findings from said investigation.
According to the report, a lady believed to be a staff member of the NEC has been arrested with several pre-marked ballot papers in Paynesvill.
Up to press time, the report has not been independently verified by this station.
But, addressing a news conference Tuesday, ECC Chairman, Oscar Bloh, said an investigation into such report will allay suspicions about the Commission and the Run-off Presidential Election.
Bloh is at the same time encouraging political party agents to continue monitoring the closing and counting process.
He also wants political parties refrain from making premature announcement of results and channel their grievances through the appropriate legal and regulative framework.

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