Lawyers representing two Liberian clergymen have rejected Jury Trial for Bench Trial as provided by law.

This followed Bishop Manasah Conto and his deputy, Steve Kettor’s Not Guilty Plea in open Court to shift the burden on state prosecutors to prove their criminal case against them.
Counsellor Dempster Brown told the Court that they waived Trial by Jury consistent with Chapter 20, Section 20.2 of Criminal Court Procedure Law.
Section of Criminal Procedure of Law states that “In all cases except where a death sentence may be imposed, trial by a jury be waived by a defendant with the advice of Counsel, and that such waiver shall be made be in open Court for record.”
Counselor Brown’s application, according to RCI Judicial Correspondent, was granted by Judge Blamo Dixon after government lawyers interposed no objection.
This mean Judge Blamo Dixon will serve as a referee and player during the trial at Criminal Court ‘C’.
Bishop Manasah Conto and his deputy Steve Kettor are facing criminal prosecution for allegedly stealing one hundred and fifty-five thousand United States Dollars from a Korean Businessman.

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