Global witness corruption report hooks Invincible Eleven

Global witness corruption report hooks Invincible Eleven:
.....Dr. Tolbert received additional 20,000 usd as sponsorship

The Latest Global Witness report has revealed the corrupt money enteredsports in 2010 with former Invincible Eleven President Dr.Richard Tolbert attracting 20 thousand United States to Invincible eleven majestic sportsAssociation as sponsorship.

Dr.Tolber during that period was serving as Chairman of the National Investment Commission, a body responsible for all concession agreements in Liberia.

Though the Global Witness report did not give details on how the money was expended but it can be recalled Invincible eleven had just bounce from relegation and were desperate for revival and they eventually qualified to the CAF confederation cup in 2012.

The report codenamed the deceiver revealed that beside the 50 thousand United States dollars given to Richard Tolbert as his personal use, additional 20 thousand was r Invincible Eleven.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tolbert acknowledged in response to Global witness,that the money was received Sable mining Company as sponsorship to the club.


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