House Speaker Alex Tyler has accused President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

House Speaker Alex Tyler has accused President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of threatening his life in her quest to forcefully remove him from office.
Addressing a News conference Monday Speaker Tyler disclosed that the president’s next step after her failing to get him remove from office is an attempt on his person and life.
Tyler also accused the president of dishing out huge sum of money as financial inducement to some of his colleagues in the house for his removal as speaker.
He explained that the president through surrogates in and out of the legislature is firstly calling for his recusal on moral grounds to accomplish their goal.
Tyler flanked by thirty three lawmakers insisted that the president is calling individual lawmakers to induce them through financial offer to draw and signed a resolution for his removal.
The Bomi County Representative further explained that the president has threatened to withhold their benefits and district project funds if they fail to have him remove.
He said that the ploy by the president to hold the house in ransom by denying them their benefit and entitlement as a mean of strangulating them to undue political submission is dictatorial and undemocratic.
Tyler insisted that the House will resist the blackmail of the president and maintain that their benefits and entitlement are by law and not by the will and pleasure of the president.
He admonished the president to redirect the resources being distributed for his removal to the prosecution and speedy trail of the bribery case involving him and others
He maintained that his leadership will not allowed any president or imperial presidency to exercise control over the Executive and the Legislative branches of government.
Tyler however called on his colleagues not to allow any amount of inducement of to compromise their resolve to uphold and maintain an independence of the legislature.
There has been no official reaction from the Executive mansion on the Speaker’s assertion against the president at a later date.

Alex Tyler

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