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About RCI

The Renaissance Communications Incorporated owner of Truth FM, Sports FM and Real TV is the brain child of Liberian Business Tycoon Musa Hassan Bility (Chief Executive Officer).

Layee Bility is the Current Director General.

The formation of this media empire came in early 2004 as a result of a post conflict pocket religious clash between Christians and Muslims in Liberia which witnessed over a week of vandalism of properties including the burning of Mosques and Churches.

It was widely seen that during this brief crises, the media which plays a critical role in conflict resolution was divided thus exacerbating the religious fury which began with a normal resident conflict between two Neighbours; a Christian and a Muslim in the Black Giant Community in Monrovia escalating to a national one.

At this point, Liberia a dominant Christian nation had almost all the electronic media institutions owned and operated by Christians.

Remembering that the country was just scampering from over 14 years of civil war drawn on tribal and religious lines, Musa Bility saw the need to establish a media institution which could serve as the a medium of promoting peace and tranquillity and carry out the best practices as far as media is concerned.

It was based on this backdrop that the Renaissance Communications Incorporated was formed with its first transmission done through its FM medium Truth FM(The Heart and Soul Of Liberia) in 2014 in Virginia, the outstretch of Monrovia. It was later followed by its television service Real TV, (Transmitting the Real Vision).In order to match up with its empire status or vision, RCI birthed the Renaissance News Paper and Sports FM.

Since its establishment, RCI board chaired by its CEO Musa Hassan Bility had been very nationalistic and patriotic making appointments of Director General’s void of religious and Tribal lines.

Under this arrangement, the broadcast empire had had four Director Generals consisting of three Christians and a Muslim.

At the sub management level, Christians based on competence all occupy those positions.

All of RCI’s media outlets transmit programs that are tailored on promoting peace through political stability and religious tolerance.

Truth FM 96.1MHZ –The Heart and Soul of Liberia 

logo_truthFmTruth FM is RCI’s largest radio outlet that transmit quality radio programs such as news and entertainment throughout the length and berth of Liberia.





Sports FM- Transmitting the Athletes’s vision  

logo_sportfmSports FM 96.9 MHZ is Liberia’s first ever Sports and Entertainment station. It transmit sports programs and give live extensive coverage to games through commentaries.



Real TV –Transmitting the Real Vision 

Real TV

Real TV

Real TV is RCI’s and Liberia’s largest television network covering and reporting major news and entertainment programs throughout the length and berth of Liberia.